Hi everybody, it's still me and still in english eheh.
Few weeks ago I made this new illustration inspired by DinaTokio which is one of my fav hijabi blogger right now. 
I like her especially because she is one of the most honest and open minded muslim influencer among all these new well-known hijab bloggers.

Most of you already know my strong passion for arabic countries, islamic culture and muslim trends but I am trying to get in touch with a different style because I feel as I am losing a lot of time behind nothing.
If something doesn't work it is better to change, isn't it?
I don't want to waste too much time on something that people don't like.
Btw, I've just came back from London, city i've been few times but just for business.
During this short journey I opened my eyes as I've never done before.
I came back full of inspiration and enthusiasm and this makes me feel soooo good, especially because in few months I am going to change completely my life and even if I am bit scared about the future, I just want to think positive and proud and push push push with my art and ideas. 

If until last week I wanted to push myself on this Hijab Project, today I just want to do something that all people could understand better.
I hope to be able to show you my new ideas soon and maybe find your opinion under my posts. It would be very helpful to improve myself and find my NeverLand :)

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