Muslim or not, we are all the same.

One of the main reason why I love hijabi is their amazing (and at the time sexy) look, even if they are completely covered. Of course, some of them, not ALL of them.
I love it, especially nowadays when you need to show your boobs and ass in every occasion. 
When I started this project and I started to wear modest, I noticed a division between the "envious" - the "coolest" and the basic.
Now I am going to explain to you the difference, to me, between these three categories.

The Envious are those muslim (in this case I am talking about hijabers so for sure I need to point out the religion) girls who are basically unable to be nice.
Ok guys don't judge me, it is very easy to understand.
I am talking about something which happens EVERYWHERE since the origins of the world.

There are girls which aren't pretty for many reasons (and I was one of them) and they ENVY the coolest girl because...because they can't be them. Stop.
Because they are too young, because they don't have the right clothing, because they aren't good to choose the outfit, to put the make up on, because because because...because thanks God we are all different. But sometimes happens, especially on Instagram, that these "cool" girls are attacked by THE ENVIOUS.

"You are showing 1mm of your hair"
"Tattoos aren't allowed"

this is definitely my reaction

For all those people who DON'T KNOW ISLAM (and judge it), for all those people who think hijabers are only poor girls which are suffering the faith etc etc, I wanna tell you something. 
World is one.
Nothing changes even if we live in different Countries.
Situations (especially the most commons) are the same from Jamaica to China, 
and from Italy to Russia.

We have our own heroes and heroines, we have our own references and hijabers have theirs. I feel bad when someone (especially italian muslim which sometimes are too old-minded) attack for example someone like DINA TOKIO because of her pink hair.
3 cm of pink hair showed aren't the Hell. Really girls.
What makes me really sad is that my interest, love and passion for muslim fashion, faith and culture seems to be related ONLY to halal or haram stuffs.
I am italian, I was born Christian. I didn't need to concentrate my life on christianity.
I don't really understand why some muslim girls feel to do the same. 
I don't need to judge you because you're not wearing properly your hijab.
I don't need to judge you bad because you made some tattoos BEFORE your conversion, I don't judge you because you decided to remove the veil. Sorry guys but the veil is just related to trend and fashion.
Islam wasn't born yesterday and in 1950 in Egypt most of muslim women didn't wear the veil....so. What are we talking about?

Ok, then we have the Coolest.
I already celebrated my love for Dina Tokio several times.
I love her because I feel her simple, she just shows herself and she doesn't really need to talk about faith, that's what I REALLY adore in her.
Most of the "coolest" always need to remark their sake for God, the Quran phrases, the good things to do...
Girls, trust me, we don't care if you believe in God or not. If you pray 5 times per day, if you wear hijab properly.
You can do whatever you want and yes, you will still be COOL.

In this case the Coolest have billion : MASHALLAH under their pictures....
They are cool, we need to keep their beauty for sure :D
And then we have the Basic, the modest followers which are normal girls, which doesn't really want to talk about faith, God, Ramadan, prayers and bla bla bla.
Because basically the point is that yes, they are muslim, they wear the veil, they need to be modest but...they remain normal girls with normal needs with normal lives.

here is the URL  in case you want to take a look

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