Ok I am doing it. My first post in english. 
Please, be patient with me since this is the first time I am trying to do something like this.  Writing a post on a blog is far from doing it on Facebook or instagram but I think that it's time to do it. O_O Definitely.

I want to introduce myself for all those who know me from Instagram or web but they don't really know who I am or what I do, since I used to write all my stuff in italian.

I am Sabrina, but my friends call me Sabu.
I use Sabu as a nickname since my japanese pen-friends called me Saburina when I was 16, so I still use it since I can't pronunce "R" and Sabu doesn't need any R :)

I am based in Milan, city where I was born in the far away 1987 and where I spend most of my life. 
I like describing myself as a creative visionary misunderstood girl.
At age of 13 I told my mom I wanted to be "unusual".
In italian we translate it as "alternative" but I think that in english it might be better translate it as unconventional - unusual or offbeat .
By the way, I kept the promise. I did it.

After almost 14 years later, I can say I grew up as an unusual person. 
What "Alternative" real means I don't know. What I know is that it has been bit hard for me to find my place in this world especially during high school, but even after wasn't so easy.
You know, sometimes it is just difficult to let people understand us especially if we wear different and think different.
Think different is literally the worst thing ever happened to me but also the best one.
I thank God and my parents everyday for being so different.
People always look at you with diffidence, they ask you several times billion stupid requests.
"Why do you wear like this?" - "Why do you need to be different" - "Why you wear black?"
This happened when I used to be a "Goth" (better defined as a Tim Burton creature) during high school. But nothing has changed once I started to wear colors.
Too much coloured, too much accessoried, too much extreme, too much eccentric.
Yes, as you are too much boring. Mh?

I am not that kind of creative person born after "trends" or fashion icons.
There are a lot of fakes in this world and unfortunately people tend to admire them instead of thinking with their head, and once you try to create something different or innovative, if people don't have their icon to follow they don't trust in our potentiality.


I am a marmaid

Nuova illustrazione a collage, un pò fotografico un pò illustrato.
Sono diventata una bella sirenetta...dai capelli color arcobaleno!