Lisbon and the sound of happiness

Hi everyone.
I've just came back from my first step of this summer holidays.
I went to Lisbon with my Nice Half, whom with I spent a very special journey.

Lisbon is a very beautiful city.
Its light is awesome, it creates a particular atmosphere that seems to be sham. 
One thing I loved was its sky and its clouds. I love our sky. It is a gift for our eyes.

Here is me in front of Belem tower. It is situated in one "freguesias" of Lisbon and it is famous for its Bakery where are sold a lot of delicious sweets, in particular the Pastis of Belem. If you don't know what I am talking about try to look for them on google.
I am sure it will appear a nice view to you. 

Here below is me with my Chic&Rude Blue&Gold Parrot earrings :D

Yes, I was really happy and I felt fine. 
I relaxed my mind as I have never done in my life. It always takes long time to me to free my mind but I have to admit that this time I did it.

I decided to write this post in english because...because I wanted it!
Hope to touch also foreign minds and maybe have some suggestions or different opinions.
At the moment, as you can see from my last posts, I'm very interested in jewelry design. In particular paper jewelry. There is nothing better than create something precious from a poor material.

I hope to notice some interest from you. I hope because I need to improve my "art" and my new passion.

I wish you a very nice day.

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